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[Welcome] New Members for October 9, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Laura Henderson
Mishawaka, IN. USA

I have only been designing jewelry for a short time, wishing that I
could quit my regular job and pursue it full time. I have been
dabbing in a little bit of everything, but enjoy metal clay and
fused glass, especially together.

Justine Collins
Mountain View, CA. USA

I am just getting into the jewelry field and I am looking for
resources about safety.

Randy L Reynolds
OldStone ltd.
Lamar, Colorado. USA

I’m just a small private studio, who just found this site. Do mostly
custom silver designs. Working towards going full time with this

Jim Manning
Frederic, Wisconsin. USA

I dabble in many areas, anodizing titanium & niobium, foldforming,
metal clay, silversmithing, stained glass, digital art, and

Michele Cook
Michele Cook Designs
Lewisville, TX. USA

I’ve been learning about making jewelry for a couple of years now
and have been doing this full time since June 08. I work with
beading, wire wrapping and metal clay. I am now learning silver
smithing. I will be starting to do shows beginning with the Jingle
Bash in Dallas, TX in November.

Maggie Roschyk
Delafield, USA

I’ve been a member receiving digests daily. In order to post
replies, I’m having to re-join again.

Peta Louise Hills
Daisy Creations
Hadfield, Victoria. Australia


My name is Peta and I am new to jewellery making. I really fell into
it when I lost my job in an office.

I sell to family and friends and I am now turning what I do into
party plan. Most of what I have done has been from sitting
one-on-one with my clients about the type and length of the
jewellery they want the colours they want etc. This will become the
main focus of my business now, making Jewelle ry that has been
commissioned. I also have different arms to Daisy Creations, such as
soap, gifts, etc. These use the same knowledge base that I have and
are really as flexible as people want them to be.

My main reason for me to be doing this are aged 10 years, 8 years
and 9 months. I really missed them when I was working. Although the
money is not the same,being able to work creatively is wonderful.
The orders are also coming in now, this week I got over $200 worth
of orders.

I am interested in learning all that I can, and seeing where this
all takes me.

Betty H. Ott
El Paso, TX. USA

I’m a semi-pro nature photographer whose knees are not so good any
more, so I started making wire-wrapped copper jewelry in January of
2008. It has been a fantastic journey and so much to learn. Love it.

Khristinne Manuszak
Toronto, ON. Canada

I like to learn about and create jewelry while enjoying being a stay
at home mother.