[Welcome] New Members for October 8, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Georgia Done Moreaux
Athena Collection Jewelry
Coos Bay, Oregon. USA

I started in the gem business in 1978, in Birmingham, Michigan,
buying and selling precious gem stones. I have studied at a number
of schools including GIA, Cranbrook, ASU,Revere Academy &, Academy
of Art University. I exhibited at the Tucson Gem show for over
twenty years. My husband Dr. Alan Done often joined me in doing the
Gem Shows. I started designing and making my own line of jewelry in
the early 1980’s. Most of my jewelry has been made with 18K gold and
precious gem stones, although, I am now starting to do a companion
line in pure silver, sterling silver and 14K gold and using less
expensive stones- -to adjust somewhat to the current declining
economy. I love this business and am excited every day to be working
on a new project or design. Working with people from all over the
world is also an exciting part of being in the Gem and Jewelry

Scott Royal
Springfield, USA,

Hello all, I was searching the net for on faceting
machines and a gentleman on this site mentioned an absurdly
inexpensive unit that was about to come out. That was a number of
years ago and I wondered if anyone has any beta on the unit. I’ve a
desire to facet some of the tourmaline we found a few decades ago in
Maine. Though I’ll start with some of the Herkimers, ;). Have fun
and be well. Scott

Preston Lee Jones
New York, NY. USA


I have been working with metal for the last 4 years, focusing on
mainly brass due to lack of funds. However my skill is on the rise
and so is my passion. I’m currently looking to tighten my skill and
become more familiar with the properties of the more precious

Michele M von Bergen
Black Dragon Forge
Mountain City, TN. USA

I am a Damascus BladeSmith. I also do BlackSmithing, woodworking,
pottery, stain glass. lost wax jewelry casting. jewelry, leather. my
goal is to anadize titanium and do mokume gane. I grow 57 kinds of
bamboo in tn on my myn top.