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[Welcome] New Members for October 7, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Daniel Ho
Laurelville, USA

Violin maker

Tammy Burks
Fordland, USA

I’m beginning at point zero of my metalsmith education. I happen
onto ganoksin site while online looking for info on metal etching. I
do some wire wrapping/beading. I love working with chopper and brass
wishing to afford silver. I see wealth of here and I am
eager to see and learn…

John Golder
Port Washington, NY. USA

I am an amateur historian and reenactor of Scottish regiments,
particularly regimental pipers. That focuses my jewelry making
interest on the bonnet badges, crossbelt hardware and regimental
regalia bearing the insignia and designs peculiar to each regiment.

Patience Kathryn Pontious
Eugene, Oregon. USA

Hi all you talented people,

My name is Patience and I am a self taught jewelry artist of almost
two years now. I work at home, learn at home and live here with my
husband and service dog - Conner.

I am seeking out all avenues of learning that I can incorporate into
my repertoire. I am current doing a lot of practice work with wore
wrapping of cabochons and beads. My computer desk is also my home
office and my work bench for now. I will be putting a bench into my
little home front room soon, with the help of my husband. I want a
torch set up, but not until I can be sure I will not burn the house

I have a BFA for fine art, drawing, painting, photography,
printmaking and Graphic Design, and I love that, yet find my passion
is creating jewelry. The learning curve is big, yet I love to learn.

I have also done needlework on and off most of my life. I am a
senior citizen and will be getting my social security soon.

I have raised one beautiful daughter who is an artist also. She is a
painter and teaching herself in the fine family tradition. Her
daughter is also showing signs of being an Artist too.

I love working with wire and will soon be able to start banging away
on my bench, learning to fold, bend and all the other fun things
with metals and mixed media.

I also do beading, with seed beads, and all other beads. I crochet,
sew, draw, and now make jewelry.

When I’m not creating something, I’m watching movies. I love to
watch movies.

I’m sure there is loads of stuff more I could say, but lets leave
something for later. Thanks for allowing me to join. I am totally
blown away by the amazing works in the gallery. I’m not sure I
belong here, but maybe someday, I will feel different.