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[Welcome] New Members for October 6, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Carolyn Lee Sorensen
Washington, District of Columbia. USA,

Recently retired, work with Kumihimo (fiber, fiber + beads)

Pattitoni Evi pattitoni
Telti, Olbia-Tempio. Italy

I created a line of jewelry and wrote a booklet about its meaning
and philosophy. I looking for someone who can invest in it. I want
improve my english to get business around the word. I want to meet
and exchange ideas with others who are also interested in jewelry
making. I’m from Sardinia Island.

Evgenyi Laptev
Moscow, Russian Federation

The current specialties are photographs of Hi-jewelry & watches. One
of the founders Alba"Longa Studio, Moscow, Russia (
The Alba"Longa studio is now an undoubted national leader in photo
and design services for top Russian jewelry companies.

Interested in booking a top jewelry companies outside Russia. Also
looking for suggestions on a permanent basis.

Lisa Alcala
Rancho cucamonga, CA. USA

Jewelry maker

Wayne Alan Sturdevant
Lone Star Gemstones by Sturdevant
San Antonio, TX. USA

Learned lapidary in shop class/high school. Held as hobby for 50
years. Lost memory, lost hearing and finally lost job. Had to find a
"forgiving" avocation. Realized that I had the keys all along. When
I make a mistake, I do or give something special for the customer.
Bring them back! Gradually created Lone Star Gemstones to make
survival money in the old age market. Focus is on natural gemstones
and gemstone jewelry. Took up wire wrapping and beading at 66.
Having a ball and meeting great people!