[Welcome] New Members for October 29, 2013

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Please welcome our newest members…

Andy Schofield
Ashford, Kent. UK

Hi I am very much a novice jewellery maker working in metals mostly
silver at present but have done a little work in brass and copper
too. Just started to think about combining wood and metal together.

Got lots of tools and have learnt a lot off the internet over the
last 4 or 5 months. Made my own jeweller’s bench which I’m very
proud of as it’s far better than any I could have bought.

Looking to develop some ideas, get more, share knowledge and skills,
learn lots, find some answers etc. Looking forward to it.

Shay Fuell
Kennesaw, GA. USA

Hello!!! My name is Shay and I am newer with all this jewelry making,
so I am hoping to learn from the pros like yourself! =)

Chris Ann Helm
Blaisdon, Longhope, Gloucestershire. U

by trade, I’m an I.T. professional that just happens to make
jewellery as a hobby.

Since beginning tentative steps about nine months ago, I’ve learned
so much and am hungry to learn, practice and become good enough in
my chosen craft to sell my creations to others.

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