[Welcome] New Members for October 26, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Lis Kidder
washington, DC. USA

I’m a glass artist and beginner metalsmith.

DeAnna Cochran
DeAnna Cochran Jewelry
Plano, Texas. USA

I am a metalsmith and artist. I have my formal training in
metalsmithing but detoured into the corporate world of IT. 15 years
later, and after a successful career in sales and global quality
consulting I returned to my love of metalworking creating Jewelry for
a Cause. My jewelry collections are dedicated to specific
children™s stories and give back to non-profits. Today, I focus on
designs in meal clay. I launched my first jewelry collection in 2004
after the loss of my son. My son Jackson was born 4 months premature
and was with us just over 3 weeks before we lost him. My experience
with the nurses and doctors who helped care for my son in the NICU
(Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) had a profound affect on me. True to
my spirit of finding the good in situations, I set out on a personal
mission to make a difference and give back. I am best known for my
leaf designs and my focus on philathropical and environmental causes.

Megin Diamond
Megin Diamond Designs
Baltimore, MD. USA


Having started designing & making jewelry in 1974, I am no newbie to
the field, but I still have much to learn. My works comprise
innovative jewelry designs and handmade tableware, many in silver,
but also in other precious metals, some with stones/gems. Over the
years I have sold my work in a wide variety of environments
including from my studio in Baltimore.

Emerging from a semi-hibernation (doing mostly custom work) with an
open mind, I have been reexamining every aspect of my design and
business. It’s a very exciting time and my new creations and
approaches reflect that. Two catalogs are in the works and my new
work will be on my site shortly. Eve n in these crazy times, it’s
full charge ahead for me.

I’m delighted to be once again active in Orchid.

Sergey Vershinin
Zeleznogorsk, Russian Federation


M. A. Halbin
Huntington Beach, CA. USA

Novice jewelry maker introduced to your site by Robyn Hawk. Thank