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[Welcome] New Members for October 23, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Taylor Nussbaum
Portland, OE. USA

I have a 15-year background in marketing/advertising/PR. I have
started my own business designing jewelry, teaching advanced wire
techniques and training to become a bench jeweler.

Christine Kaltoft
London, UK

I design and make graphic contemporary jewellery.

Liz Martin
Annerley, Queensland. Australia

have been making stuff from all sorts of materials as far back as I
can remember. My most ambitious project was possibly a replica of
Tutankhamen’s burial and coffins, in alfoil when I was in Year 3. As
the years by, I aimed a little more realistically. Have a degree in
gold&silversmithing from the queensland college of art, where I made
a lot of cutlery! Lapsed for some years then began fabricating items
for use in a 10th century Rus Viking historical group in steel,
bone, leather, brass & silver - knives, sheaths, shoes, combs, horns
etc. Constantly amazed by the wonderful things from a thousand years
ago I find pictures of on the web. Currently working on a small
casket in gilt-bronze and bone which is a replica of the Bamberg
Casket. Which is perhaps the most ambitious since the Egyptology

Jo J McCullough
MoonDance Studio
Sanger, TX. USA

I learned to wax in a Dental lab - owned my own lab about 20 yrs.,
went into jewelry as a hobby, that took me into glass. Art glass was
where I headed with much equipment and studies when we had a fire
Oct. 2005. I am beginning to rebuild, have a few pieces of equipment
so far. Glad to find this forum!

Liana Bennett
Walsenburg, Colorado. USA

I love jewelry. It’s an obsession.

Roberta Thompson
Cantonment, USA

I love to work with metals. I have attended jewelry making class at a
junior college for about 3 years. I have worked some with enamels and
want to devote more time to that. I work full time at a hospital so I
have to make time for jewelry making. My goal is to do what I love-
jewelry design and goldsmithing-pursue these creative processes full