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[Welcome] New Members for October 20, 2010

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Rudolph M Isturis
Juneau, Alaska. USA

An Alaskan who wishes to self-teach, with guidiance from others and
applicable instruction, shall continue to improve jewelry/artistic
skills and product…and to enjoy the processes of creating with
technique and imagination.

Jane Fallon
Fallston, Maryland. USA

Enjoy the art of jewelry making.

Frank Gervais
Longueuil, Canada

I’ve dabbled in jewelry making before, mostly buying stones and
setting them onto earrings and pendants.

I’m looking into getting more serious and work metal into jewelry

Stelios Chatzikyrgios
Thessaloniki. Greece

Hello, Although I am reading the forum the last 1 year I decide to
introduce my self. I have been studying " working with jewelry since
1998. I am a bench jeweler " wax modeler and the last years I do
stone setting. Stelios