[Welcome] New Members for October 2, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Siri Healy
Leavenworth, USA

I am a jewelry artist living in Leavenworth, WA. I studied
goldsmithing in Florence, Italy then moved to Canada to start my
family. Now that the kids have all started school, I am ready to get
started with my career in the jewelry arts. I am excited to have
found Orchid where so many generous people are sharing their

Thank you!

Anita Sanchez-Pierce
Gypsy Jewels
The Villages, Florida. USA

My name is Anita and I’m a retired Stockbroker/Financial Planner. My
passion was horses and riding on my small ranch in Florida until 2
years ago when my father passed away. I wanted to make something to
hold a memory of him in the way of jewelry. With the help of my
favorite uncle, Tom (who introduced me to Orchid/Ganoksin), we made
silver and gold amulets that I shared with my family. I had so many
people ask me about them, I’ve made some for others too.

We sold the ranch and now my husband and I live full time in our
Motor Home. We work as Camp Hosts (Volunteer) at the California
State Parks in San Clemente, CA. I am a Certified Interpreter and do
the Campfire and kid programs, teach basket weaving and soapstone
carving through the summer.

Like some here, I’m new to working with metals. I so appreciate the
knowledgeable artists here willing to share techniques and ideas
with everyone. I’ve been reading the daily digest, visiting
galleries and websites. I especially like the bench tube videos and
the bench exchange pictures of everyone’s workspace.

I recently bought a new torch from one of the members here who was
retiring. She helped me over the phone get it set up. She talked
about “my studio”, not knowing that “my Studio” was a picnic table
here at the state park. It “opens” when I bring out the box to block
the ocean breeze from blowing out my torch! (I’ll post a picture)

I love working with silver but switched to copper for a bit to get
used to the new torch. I’d sure like some help with some kind of wax
or finish I can use on copper to slow down the change in color. I
bought a patina kit from the Metal store that had a small bottle of
wax in it. I used some of that today. I’ve also ordered the
Renisance Wax that hasn’t arrived yet.

I’d also like to learn how the Shibori technique is used on silver.
One of my favorite artists here is Sally Jewett-Brocato, of Naked
Jewelry. I think she lives nearby and hope to contact her to see if
she teaches.

Thanks in advance for your patience and inspiration.

Hanno Murphy
El Cerrito, CA. USA

I’m just starting out in metal smithing. I work with silver for
money and steel for pleasure.