[Welcome] New Members for October 19, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Stanley Zale
Lafayette, LA. USA

I have the privilege of serving as Stuller, Inc.'s vice president of

Cindi Hendrickson
Creative Habits Artisan Jewelry
Kingwood, Texas. USA


Hi! I am a jewelry designer specializing in custom-cut druzy
pendants and top tier gemstone beads. I am also working with wire!

Richard Baldwin
Niles, USA

Just a change of email because of a move.

Tim Elwin Millerick
Circular Designs, Jewelry by T.E. Millerick
Santa Rosa, CA


I’ve been a professional jeweler in one form or another for the last
36 years, making my living mostly as a repairman at the bench. I
consider myself to be a metal smith first and foremost and would
rather work with different metals and patinas. I studied art and
ceramics at the local junior college and have developed a technique
where by I could throw wax on the potter’s wheel and then have it
cast in bronze, but casting is very expensive and without an outlet,
I couldn’t afford to produce my work. From 1983 to 1993 I operated a
trade shop that serviced the local retail trade until the '91-'92
recession put me out of business. For the next three years I tried to
retrain while working other kinds of work. I worked in a machine shop
for about a year until I found out the pay would never equal what I
was already trained to do, and besides I’d come home smelling of
cutting fluid at night. It wasn’t worth it! I’ve been working for
other jewelers ever since. Ever since, of course, until I got laid
off in August of '08 in this last great Recession. I immediately took
on contract work, working with Okomido to produce the tooling and
dies that resulted in some of her nicest pieces. Again, because of
the ongoing Recession, I have seen very little work from that quarter
since the end of last year. I have had a small amount of trade work
from one account this last year that has helped keep me going. What I
have been doing this last year is developing my design idea for a
series of bangle bracelets and cuffs that are wrapped with colored
wire. I have spent this time making the tooling to allow me to make
the pieces, and my experience in the machine shop has helped with
that. I want you to know that, for me, this is a big deal because I
have never been able to bring together a collection of ideas that I
could call a “collection” and take it out to show. This is the first
time I have felt that I had an idea that I could develop and expand
upon. I have had this idea for 20 years, but could not, until this
las Thanks for your interest and good will. Tim M