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[Welcome] New Members for October 14, 2010

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Patricia Jay
Concord, NC. USA

I am an artist working mostly in metalsmithing that started when I
was introduced to the discipline in High School. I fell in love with
it and have been playing with it ever since. I have a small studio
in my home and try to regularly attend Penland School of Crafts and
other opportunities for in struction in my area.

Caroline Glemman
LILOVEVE Studio & Gallery
457 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

visit our website to see our schedule of upcoming classes, workshops
& custom engagement & wedding bands.

Maryann Posch
posch&gulyas silversmiths
Cleveland heights, Ohio. USA

I have been making sterling jewelry for 30yrs, selling my work at
art shows. Jewelry has always been my full time job.

Allison Morrison
Treasures from the Alli-way
Augusta, GA. USA

I am first an Artist who enjoys getting into design in a variety of
ways. I am a pastelist - portraiture is my favorite, and an interior
and exterior Space-Usage Designer/Decorator, and now a jewelry
Designer and maker (professionally - I’ve enjoyed making my own for
some time.)

My jewelry company is newer and small, and for now, I’m enjoy that.
Still learning, as always, new techniques and about the business,
how it differs from previous fields I’ve been in, what is reasonable
for me to set as a goal and to accomplish at this point, ideas to
work on for the future and the like. I look forward to the
sharing on what is near to my work and what is
completely new to me!

What Treasures from the Alli-way does is create and hand-make
one-of-a-kind pieces and sets. It’s not a production-type line, but
all originals, my designs and my work. ‘Treasures’ began as a
collaboration with a friend/jewelry-maker and morphed into this line
of jewelry. She is still involved in the making of some pieces where
her skill in that area is higher than mine. We are enjoying this
arrangement and working hard on success with this project. Mostly my
designs are more metal than string - I’m better at that! It’s also
what I wear and have a hard time finding as I shop. Some funky,
chunky, steamer artsy types are my main interests and plan on taking
my line more in that direction.

Looking forward to getting to know this forum and learning and