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[Welcome] New Members for October 13, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Erica Martin
Stone Love Jewels
Los Angeles, CA. USA

Hello. I am a silver and goldsmith working in Los Angeles. I am part
of the Barnsdall Collective. I use recycled metals whenever
possible. I generally work in older methods, and am inspired by
ancient Roman, Celtic, African and Native American designs. My
personal designs take these as a starting point and them usually add
a modern streamlining for a timeless look. I like things to look
hand hewn, and to reflect the life and character of the wearer.
There are usually blank spaces to be patinaed by the life of the
person the piece is made for.

Scott Gill
CuffLinq UnCommon
Kokomo, IN. USA

I am an artist and creativity coach. Right now, my medium is
cufflinks. I love design and innovation. It is my desire to design
cufflinks that are unique, innovative and artistic. I used a variety
of mediums and techniques, including - but certainly not limited to

  • precious metals and wood, steel, concrete, found
    object, glass, to name a few. I love learning to use new materials
    and techniques - it helps keep me interested and enthusiastic.

Allison Fell
Los Angeles, CA. USA

Hello everyone, I am a relatively new jewelry maker, working mostly
in silver, and would love to be able to communicate with more
experienced jewelers!