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[Welcome] New Members for October 11, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Hannah Shields
Boston, MA. USA

I just started taking my first Jewelry class and I’m falling in love
with metalsmithing! Looking forward to learning from people who’ve
been at this longer than I have. :wink:

Jill Moring
Pueblo West, CO. USA

I am a retired research assistant professor (structural chemistry,
x-ray diffraction). I did metal working years ago and have taken it
up again after many years in science. My favorite techniques are
casting (I love wax carving), chasing and repousse, and enameling. I
took up enameling to get more color into my work - it’s great fun,
and there’s a lot of room for experimentation. So far, there are
also a lot of failures. I hope that will improve. I’m a member of a
cooperative gallery, Steel City Art Works, and their website is the
only place my work can be seen online.