[Welcome] New Members for October 11, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Joshua Murray
Los Angeles, CA. USA

My name is Josh Murray I live in Los Angeles, california. I have
been working as a freelance sculptor for the last 13 years. I
started making jewelry about 5 years ago after doing a couple
freelance wax carvings for a Los Angeles based jewelry company. I
would say that my jewelry designs are more sculptural than
traditional and are heavily influenced by the absurd.

Diana Nelson Alexander
Atlanta, GA. USA

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Teressa Gappmayer
Auburn, WA. USA

I have been visiting this site for a while and decided it was time I
joined. I am a jewelry hobbyist…in other words I keep or give
away most of what I make. I love working with silver, fire and
hammers. In my day job I am a chemist in a papermill. My passion
other than silver is to rescue and recycle retired racing
greyhounds. I hope to contribute to Orchid as well as learn. I have
lately been interested in using masking to apply designs to silver
with patina.

Rachel Sutton
Coventry, UK

I am currently studying my final year of a BA Hons degree in Applied
Arts - Specialising in Metalwork and Jewellery. I intend to set
myself up and a designer maker of handmade jewellery on completion
of my degree. I am located in Coventry, UK.

Renaut Robert Martens
MO-GA.ME Limited
Brussels, BR. Belgium


Former consultant, turned a dream of being a creative designer into
reality. I chose jewelry because I discovered it’s the best medium
allowing me to translate ideas and emotions into real objects. The
MO-GA Jewel is an elegant cubical pendant, handcrafted from.925
sterling silver. The central cylinder is used to hold objects of
emotional or sentimental value. MO-GA Cubes of plain silver, brass,
black Onyx, Turquoise or Ming China slide over the central cylinder,
and can be changed as the wearer desires. The contents can be as
varied as the wearer’s imagination " a grain of sand, a scrap of
paper, a lock of hair, some traces of a dearly departed " the
possibilities are limitless.