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[Welcome] New Members for October 1, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Jennifer Nolt
Burleson, TX. USA

I am a mom who is interested in learning the art of jewelry making.

Sharon Crawford
Toledo, IA. USA

A Jewelry maker to scared to share her work for fear of not being
very good. Been doing Lampwork for a couple years, and enjoying the
challanges that come with learning my craft.

Roseanna M Smith
Eugene, Oregon. USA

I am a rank beginner on the jewelry making path, but have been an
artist (painting, sculpting) for decades. Since the beginning of
2011 I’ve been playing with polymer clay and found myself drawn to
making jewelry with it. I’m now taking an introductory
jewelry/metalsmithing class at my local community college, and hope
to ultimately make jewelrymaking my career.

Nancy Levine
Jacksonville, Florida. USA

I am a recently retired college English professor who made jewelry
on the side to preserve my sanity. Now I do it full time! I have
been making beaded beads and off-loom woven work since 2005 and have
recently been working with resin, polymer clay and metal. I’d like
to be able to sell my work, but so far have only attended one art
show. My dentist and his staff have, up till now, been my chief
customers. I’d love to share ideas with other people making jewelry.

Terry Coleman
Statesville, USA

Hello, I’m Terry and I’m from NC. I’m a beginner in the jewelry
arena. So glad to be here at Orchid and looking forward to learning
as much as I can.

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Beth Hammett
Spirit Works
Wilmington, NC. USA

A painter on paper and fabric, who had the transforming experience
of becoming a metalsmith two years ago as I retired. Metal working
classes gave me some tehnical skills, and solid appreciation of
design jewelry in metal, as well as mixed media, which I’ve always
been involved with back in my painting days.

I now work in metal clay, both silver and base metals such as
copper, bronze, and steel. Japanese alloys such as Shibuichi have a
serious pice of my heart, as well as Mokume Gane. I do both of these
techniques using metal clays.

When you happiest making something, and your non-artist friends
think you are just about as strange as a circus person; you know
you’ve found your correct spot in the universe!

Fergus Grant - Stevenson
ForGotten Silver
Limerick, Ireland

I design, make and sell silver jewellery based on Irish historical
artefacts - from iron age rings to medieval brooches. You can see
examples of my work on my website I sell
my jewellery at craft fairs, events and online. I am mainly self
taught but i have attended many short courses and workshops across
Europe to learn specific skills. If I could I would spend most of my
life learning on high quality workshops, it is such fun! I love
undertaking personal commissions as you usually end up stretching
your skills and doing something you have never done before. Also you
know the piece will be treasured and used/worn for many years.
Looking forward to learning new skills/tips and sharing useful