[Welcome] New Members for October 1, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Mark Wells
Make Your Mark Metalwork
Saskatoon, SK. Canada


At present I am finishing my last semester of a BA in Justice
Studies at the University of Regina. I have some limited experience
in jewellery, specifically in chainmail. I also have some experience
with pewter casting, fine silver wire weaving, and amber carving. I
just purchased a variety of tools from Rio Grande (including a
Foredom and a soldering kit) and am very much looking to get into
basic silversmithing. I have read a fair bit on the subject, and am
hoping to take a introductory course in silversmithing, but it is
not being offered this semester.

I am hoping I can both gain from and contribute to the community
here; but it will probably be a while before I can contribute much.

Doreen Davis
Doreen Davis Artisan Jewelry
Tigard, OR. USA

I am an empty nester that needed a career change, so I turned back
to jewelry making after an 18 year “hiatus”. I am Senior Certified
for Art Clay, and am currently taking metal smithing classes to add
to my skills. I absolutely LOVE working with silver and gems! When I
grow up I want to be a jewelry designer!

Kim Ouellette
Casting House
Chicago, IL. USA


I have been working at Casting House for 5 years and run our
manufacturing operations.

Brenda Marhon
Riverview, FL. USA

Hi, I have been making jewelry for about six years, starting with
stringing and up to wire wrapping. Recently retired and took a cold
connections class with Kim St. Jean at William Holland in order to
expand my skills. Now addicted to torching and fold forming and
looking to gain more knowledge a nd move on to do more. Hope I can
something once in awhile but probably will just lurk for awhile
until I know a thing or three. Brenda Riverview FL

Deborah L Laliberte
Gilsum, NH. USA

I am a total newby to jewelry design & creation. The last time I
made any great amount of jewelry was in a silversmithing class in
high school (many years ago LOL) I am a person who studies to death
a subject and then takes the plunge so I am almost to the point of
the plunge, but am still coming up with questions so keep searching
for answers and in the process find new sources of

Living in a small town in New Hampshire there are not many sources
of study other than beading classes in this area so I am on my own
with the help of the internet and books that are available.

Looking forward to looking around the site and learning from all of

Megan Jones
Calgary, Alberta. Canada

My name is Megan Jones, and I am a jewellery artist from Calgary
Alberta. I will be gradutating for Alberta College of Art + Design
this year with my BFA in jewellery + metals. I mainly work with
raising and forming to create flower motifs, as well as chasing and
repousse dealing with natural imagery. I am still learning and eager
to continue to do so.

Susan B. Tobey
Lexington, MA. USA

I am relatively new to jewelry making. I use sterling silver, gold,
pmc, modestly-priced stones, often in irregular shapes, and sea