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[Welcome] New Members for November 8, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Mark Haughton
Rock Deco
Durango, CO. USA

Rock Deco Owner, Mark Haughton, cuts his natural gemstones in
Colorado. Rock Deco is also a Kimberley Licensed Diamond dealor.

Tina Spergel
Naples, FL. USA

I have been making jewelry for about a year and a half. I have
pretty much stuck to wire wrapping. My hubby does the lapidary end.
He recently learned how to cut opals and that is sending me into
silversmithing. I took one class in silversmithing and really
enjoyed it - despite destroying a few bezels. I came home from this
class really inspired to go in this direction. I have been
accumulating all the tools for that end of jewelry making but have
not really done anything in the house. I would really like to take
another class before I set out on my own.

Leslie L Olson
Eden Prairie, MN. USA

I design statement necklaces using reworked jewelry, vintage crystal
brooches and other crystal jewelry, leather, and clay (mainly). I
love high fashion and am majoring in Fashion Journalism at the U of
M (minoring in French). I also do a lot of fashion illustration, but
my drawings are highly realistic, as I am classically trained in

I am excited to start forming a client base, build inventory, and
promote my jewelry as I continue to finish my college education. I’m
joining Orchid to build relationships, get experienced opinions, and
learn more about how the jewelry/entrepreneurship industry works!

Rena Kindregan
Dunedin, Florida. USA

I’ve been making jewelry for about 4 years. I do mostly metal work
with some beading. Love it, love it!

Victoria Donnenberg
Houston, TX. USA

I’m a relatively new jewelry student looking forward to learning