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[Welcome] New Members for November 8, 2010

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Sarah Schleiden
Gillbertsville, PA. USA

I am a student attending GIAs manufatureing arts program I am also
interested in lapidry work and am member of sandiego mineral and gem

Nancy Pace
Benton, Illinois. USA

I am a self taught folk artist who is dabbling in jewelry. I am
passionate about metals especially copper, I love the warmth.I am
experimenting with smithing all forms. I love wire,stones found
objects and I love to explore my imagination. I am a juried jewelry
artist in the state of Illinois,I think the learning possibilities
are very open, I want to try everything!

Robin M Largo
Hot Rox Custom Jewelry
Libertyville, IL. USA

Hello Everyone! I am a Gemologist by day and jewelry designer by
night. Daytime, I work at Steffan’s Jewelers in McHenry, Illinois
where I prepare appraisals, oversee all marketing and dabble in the
books. When I’m not at the store, I am in my home studio fabricating
(and carving for others to cast) jewelry working in sterling and
gold. Right now, I am marketing my wares on
( My line is named Bones and Stones (by
Hot Rox Custom Jewelry) and it features a lot of heavy, rock n roll,
biker chic jewelry as well as some dog bone inspired jewelry - with
and without diamonds. I donate 10% of my sales to Our House of Hope
K-9 Rescue. Creating jewelry is my passion and I hope to one day do
this full time. Enough about me - I need to run to the Forum and get
some recommendations for casters in the Chicago area.

Anthony Shane Amerman
Hagerstown, MD. USA

I have been working with gold and silver as a hobby since about
2001. Since then I have wanted to improve my skills and see if I
could take my art to the next level, making a living at it.

Case Elliott Pendleton
Griffith, IN. USA

I am a graduate of the Ball State University metals department and
have worked for the last eight months witha company called Casting
House. My job was recently eliminated and I am currently looking for

Bob Goon
Bakersfield, CA. USA

Jewelry maker for about 5 yrs. I make jewelry for relatives, usually
one off pieces, pendants, rings, bracelets, chains. I do some
enameling. I used to do lost wax, but the junior college eliminated
the jewelry class room and converted the class to a drawing class.
Sad really, they used to have four semesters of for credit jewelry
classes. Now that I can’t use the lab anymore, I have to buy more

Catherine Heroy
Anchorage, AK. USA

I am a hobby metalsmith who has worked as a bench jeweler in the
past. I have been busy lately with a non-related full-time job and
volunteering with a non-profit hobby group, so haven’t been making
jewelry and metalwork like I used to. I would like to get more
involved in it again, though - I miss the challenges and
satisfaction of creating new pieces.