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[Welcome] New Members for November 4, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Mary K Guitar
Lyme, USA

I have been designing jewelry for several years, mostly wire-work
with beads and assemblage, but am eager to expand my range to
metalcraft. I have been making table-top size assemblage and
painting for 20 years, but find that jewelry allows me to make
smaller art that can be worn and carried. I am also a poet, and
think of my jewelry as small poems that can be reminders of a wider

Meghan Francis
Walnut Creek, CA. USA

I am a jewelry designer, and am currently developing my line. I
value word of mouth referrals and come to this forum as a way to
share techniques, and to keep current in the industry.

Jazmin m Allen
BC. Canada

I have a strong passion for jewelry, which has lead me to this
point. I started creating beaded jewelry back in 2003 but by 2008
felt that I wasn’t able to really create the lasting pieces I
desired. So I have now completed 1.5 years of study in goldsmithing
and with my home studio set up I am spending these next months
developing a line and exploring techniques.