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[Welcome] New Members for November 3, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Rhonda Cleaver-McCormick
Salida, CO. USA

nature lover, rockhound, self taught jeweler. i use the stones i
collect, plus other uncommon stones, cutting and shaping them into
unique designs not conforming to standard shapes and sizes. using
these stones as the focus, i create each unique piece of jewelry
using silver, gold and/or copper. i incorporate contrasts between
polished and unpolished, textured and smooth without traditional
bezels so the stones appear to float between edges.

Daniel Kyle Wadsworth
Dallas, Tx. USA

Wife and I are Jewelers.

Jane Koopman
Hamilton, Canada,

My day job is in communications, but my true passion is art,
upcycling and everything in between. My upcycling endeavours usually
end as unique jewelry pieces. I also enjoy working with natural
materials, especially wood, silver and copper.

Aimee Howe
Queen Creek, AZ. USA

I am a novice who has been making jewlery for about 5 years,
beading, wire, chainmaille,ect. I have sold a few pieces but mostly
given as gifts. I would like to turn my passion into a very small
part time business in the next few years. Thank you.

Jonette Van Cleave
Wheat Ridge, Colorado. USA,

I’m a newbee to metalsmithing with only a year and a half under my
belt or should I say on my hammer? I devour everything I can find in
print to educate myself… I love reading jewelry history…I feel
I’m fairly proficient at soldering and design but have a long way to
go…I take classes whenever I can from the Sweetman/Allen Studio in
Lakewood,Co. I’m especially appreciative of my teacher, Richard
Sweetman… I’ve learned so much from him…I love to hammer
things…It takes me outside of myself and is a wonderful way to
relieve stress…Forming shapes and feeling the metal move is an
incredible feeling and always amazes me…I’ve come to the
realization that I will be acquiring tools forever… I love them…