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[Welcome] New Members for November 24, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Alex Byfield
Bogota, Colombia


Andi Fasimpaur
Dayton, OH. USA

ceramic jewelry artist with some metals experience. Exploring a
series of mixed media jewelry pieces.

David Aloysius Kunkler
Rushville, USA

My company name is LedgeRock. I do customized jewelry. I started in
faceting stones, found out that you needed gold and silver smithing
skills to become profitable, learned these skills, took the GIA
gemologist course, passed it, and now am also a retired
teacher (Latin and Mythology) and am giving more time to jewelry
makingl. I like to make individualized jewelry.

I always have jewlery questions.

Kaye L Lewis
Cambridge, UK

Im a busy mother to four children. I have my own business in
jewellery making from the fashion to precious metals. I am currently
doing City and Guilds level 3 in silversmithing and loving it. I
have plans to learn bead making in glass and hopefully resin.

I am a Pagan Priestess and take my inspiration from our Mother
Earth, the Moon, the Sun and regeneration of the wheel of life :o)

I am passionate about jewellery and have loved jewellery since being
a small child. I prefer jewellery that says something about the
wearer I encourage individuality. Im not a fan of massed produced
jewellery and I love the ‘hand crafted’ look, the quirky look and Im
a great fan of self expression.

Miriam Tate
Ames, IA. USA

Hello, I am a student at ISU in Iowa and I will be graduating next
spring with an emphasis in Metal/Jewelry and Ceramics. I would like
to join your forum. Miriam

James Robinson
Truro, UK

Hobby Jeweller, selling locally, (Truro, UK), through Cornwall Craft
Association Galleries. Maijnly silver & gold, particular interest -

Kathleen Mary Whelchel
Perry, Iowa. USA

I have been beading for 4 years now and am starting to make wire
wrap jewelry.

Carole Jones
Lotus Jewelery
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Canada

Your site was recommended by a friend.

Blaine Buckman
Cordova, TN. USA

Just starting on the metals side of jewelry. Focusing on cabochons
of opals, chrysoprase, and lapis lazuli. Trying to learn the best
way of getting into casting starting with silver and the easy stuff
to the exotics.

Cheryl Tsuhako
Seattle, WA. USA

Hi - I’m new to the forum and jewelry making. I’m just starting to
work with enamels and I really want to start focusing on this area.

Tara Hutchinson
San Antonio, TX. USA

I am a 32YO ex-Army MP who lost my right leg above the knee in
Baghdad on Valentines Day 2006. I have been struggling with what to
do with my life when a therapist of mine suggested I try something
to do with my hands for improving my fine motor control. I decided
to try beading, which quickly turned to wirewrapping and eventually
ended up in metalsmithing. I LOVE it, and I spend 8-10 hours a day
at my bench, working on creating some sort of an inventory for this
business to start out with. I have taken 2 workshops on
metalworking, but have had no formal education (other than art
classes in college)