[Welcome] New Members for November 23, 2013

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Please welcome our newest members…

Lillian Betts Holloway
Forest Park, Georgia. USA

Having an art background, I would see jewelry and think “I can make
that”. So I started taking metalsmith classes a few months ago after
a cancer diagnosis. Life is short. do what makes you happy.

Tomek Wrzaszcz
Gdansk, Poland

Hi, I’m an apprentice in my friend’s silversmiths workshop, I’m very
enthusiastic about jewellery making. I’ve started learning in middle
of 2013. Feel free to contact me.

Kim Stelly
Porter, Texas. USA,

I am a jewelry “hobbyist” with a specific interest in using natural
gemstones in designs. I am a technical writer by trade.

Lana Y Cheng
Sunnyside, NY. USA

I am just starting out as a jewelry designer. I currently work as a
designer in marketing at a watch and jewelry co. My favorite style
is Art Deco. I’m interested in learning to render in a Cad program.

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