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[Welcome] New Members for November 21, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Esther Shelley
Mudgeeraba, Queensland. Australia

Hi there lovely, Here’s abit about me. I enjoy designing and creating
jewellery. My inspiration is nature and I love the organic curves and
colours that are everywhere, leaves, flowers, the smooth surface of
water or the rough bark of a massive old tree. Even the tiniest bud
and blade of grass can be a magical inspiration. My focus is to be
able to make a living through my unique creations and I am now
working towards this end. My bench is in the laundry at the moment,
plenty of natural light and an area prebuild for domestic convenience
but now dedicated to my creative endevours… much more fun. ES : )

Cheryl A Lee
Lahaina, HI. USA

I’m very new to the business of gemology and jewelry making. I moved
to Maui 4 years ago and found myself more interested in the arts. I’m
not surprised as I’m surrounded by beauty daily. I began by
collecting gems, then studying gemology, and finally discovered my
true interest was fabricating. I suspect it will take many years of
practice to make anything near the beautiful work I see displayed
here. I also love the art of metalsmithing. Without any prior
experience in any of the crafts I’m slowly putting together a studio.
Most of my life has been in the study of social sciences and exercise
physiology so this is an exciting and new venture for me. I really am
appreciative of the generous amount of that is available
to me. Without it this new venture would be tedious and very
expensive. Thank you Cheryl Lee

Shae Mete
Melbourne, Australia

Here to learn about tecniques tools and methods of this trade.

Silina Vieira
Rehoboth, MA. USA

like to make friends with more jewelers.