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[Welcome] New Members for November 18, 2010

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Michael Smith
Sandy, UT. USA

Considering purchases to sell online.

Caroline Samuelson
Dreadhead Threads
Aberdeen, NC. USA

i have wanted to learn silversmithing my whole life and am now at a
place where i can afford/ have the time to do it. i am completely
excited about finding this forum on the net and hope to learn a lot.

Erin Aileen "Brien
StoneWood Creations, LLP
Kersey, Colorado. USA

Hello! I am a retired refugee worker (almost 25 years directing
camps in many countries in Africa.) originally from N. Ireland.

I do custom jewelry designs and do nearly all of my own stone
cutting and metal work.

Being a bench jeweler shows me every day how much I don’t know! I
expect to spend most of my time here at the Forums asking questions
and soaking up the valuable in all of the great

William David chalk
Shoal Centre Lapidary Group
Sidney, British Columbia. Canada

I am 78 years young and have been involved with lapidary,silver
smithing and facetting for 25 years. I am most happy to say that the
we use mostly comes from your programs which we lost due
to a breakdown of our computer, which I am now trying to repair as
in retreaving all of our programs. I do hope that we will be able to
continue reading and using your info as without doubt it is one of
the best programs around. Thank William D. Chalk Treasurer

Mike Cheek
Winder, GA. USA

Got back into the hobby of rock tumbling in 2008, this time the bug
bit me hard. I have since progressed into cabbing and wire wrapping.
I am very interested in learning at least some basic silver-smithing
so as to expand my jewelry making skills. I have never thought of
myself as artistic, so the compliments I have received on my work so
far has amazed me. It makes me want to learn and do even more with
it all. I have always been amazed at the works of others in jewelry
and lapidary, never thought that one day I might actually learn to
make some pieces also.