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[Welcome] New Members for November 17, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Sheridan Kennedy
Sydney, NSW. Australia

Hi, I’m Sheridan. I’ve been a jeweller for nigh on 30 years and
certainly have heard of Orchid forums but only just decided to come
in and see what’s happening.

Over the years I’ve made a mixture of commission work, fashion
jewellery and installation artwork. Most of my commission work is
now done via CAD. However I still hand make the artwork so this
keeps me busy!

Serapio Perez III
Phoenix, AZ. USA

I’ve been in the IT industry for the last 20 years and like IT I’m
teaching myself how to be a jewelry designer and maker.

I’m looking at retiring so that I can go to work making jewelry.

I’ve also played guitar for the last 40 years and I guess it’s just
another part of the creative person that I am.

Michelle J McDonald
Piffard, New York. USA

I am a hobbyist jeweler who is largely self-taught. I am still
learning, having just delved into the soldering part of
metalsmithing in the past couple of years. Prior to that I was doing
chain maille and wire weaving, and prior to that making jewelery out
of wire and beads. Now I enjoy incorpora ting all of those elements
into my work.

Kevin Landry
Viet Nam

I am relativly new to jewellery making but have taught myself
faceting and looking forward to setting my own stones thought this
forum would be a wealth of tips.