[Welcome] New Members for November 13, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Chapin Dimond
Louisville, CO. USA

I reside in Colorado, a beautiful place full of nature for
inspiration. I started developing my skills in high school. In 2009,
I graduated with a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from
Metropolitan State College of Denver (MSCD). At my time at MSCD most
of the time spent learning and developing traditional Art jewelry
techniques such as razing, chasing, sculpture, and conceptual Art
Jewelry. I also spent many hours out side of the classes studding
about Mokume Gane and how it is made. Now, Ive been focusing on hand
carving of jewelry for the Casting process.

Kathleen O’neill
Melbourne, Victoria. Australia

I work from a home studio, based in a rural setting and have a small
clientele of local galleries. I have a fantastic view and enjoy
working with silver, titanium, stainless steel. My work is
developing, slowly but surely, and in the words of an interesting
American, there are known unknowns and there are unknown unknowns
and I guess the more I learn the more I learn about what I don’t

Beverly Oettle
Angel Whispers
Rose Hill, Kansas. USA


I am an artist of various media. I presently work in enamels and
create spiritual paintings. I also teach many types of energy

Joan Bazzel
The Bazzel Workshop
Franklin, NC. USA


I used to make earrings out of paper clips when I was in jr. high…
sold well at school. I wish I had some of the pot metal jewelry I
bought at the old Woolworth’s in my home town… wore a ring on
every finger! Sold it all at the flea market for rent money… in
1972 or 3, can’t remember. Been making amazing stuff all my life…
just because I like to. Pays the bills too.

Pete Macko
Alpharetta, GA. USA

Hobby metalsmith, Windows & iPhone application developer