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[Welcome] New Members for November 11, 2010

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Janice Marie Lalor
Mesquite, USA,

Raised in New England now a Texan. Retired Biology, etc. teacher 37
yrs in public schools in CT and TX Current Gemology (former jewelry)
student TIJT Paris, Texas

Deb Brown
Weeki Wachee, Florida. USA

Hello to everyone!

I started out about 13 years ago with bead weaving, stringing and
wire work. At this time however my focus is more in the area of a
metalsmith or bench jeweler. I have a small studio and enjoy doing
everything from repair work to design.

I am fortunate enough to have a very loving husband, a 20 year old
son and 2 dogs, one cat and a bird.

I love learning new things and feel fortunate to be apart of this

Thank you, Deb :slight_smile:

Greg Brooks
Ostling & Brooks, Ltd.
Leavenworth, WA, USA

Same as earlier today; just changing our email address.

James B. Farmer
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. USA

I “introduced” myself to jewlery making while I was in a midevil
re-creation group. People of rank were to wear ‘chains of estate’ to
show that rank from a distance. They were spray painting lamp chains
from the hardware stores(ugh!). I ran across a copy of Mr. Mcwright’s
"The Complete Metalsmith" in an ‘out of print’ bookstore. I floored
them all, and it wasn’t that hard. Then I learned how to weave
Chainmaille. Fastforward five years and I found ‘noone’ wanted copper
or steel bracelets and keychains, but they seemed to still like the
silver and filled gold(the shiney stuff). I coasted anot her five
years and I’ve finally decided to at least complete the Penn-Foster
’Jewler’s Bench Technician’ course (97% avarage so far, with only the
last section to go). I figure I’ll have to Aprentice or intern for at
least a year, maybe two, before I can actually get paid for it. Still
need to figure out how to solder 6-into-1 silver
chainmaille, except ring by ring that is.