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[Welcome] New Members for November 10, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

April Bower
Tonto Basin, Arizona. USA

Hi, I’m April. I spent my right out of college years teaching
jewelry makeing skills to adults then went on to become a bench
jeweler in fine jewelry (retail) for almost 20 years. Sick of
sitting at a bench all day, I reinvented myself as an indepenent
artist creating/ marketing art fountains of copper. (metalsmithing,
on a bigger scale) Of course I never really gave up being a jeweler,
just scaled back to occasional special orders and back to the fun
creative stuff of my youth. Now I am ramping up production on a line
that combines silver and copper. I have given up using gold except
as accents as no one wants to pay for it including me. I have the
luxury of living in the boonies, but pay the price not having access
to workshops and shared info from colleagues, so I hope to gain &
share with you.

Richard A Czeh
Vintage Jewelry Plus
Westerville, OH. USA

I work with mostly Vintage costume jewelry repair and sales. Have
recently started taking classes in wire wrapping, beading, and basic
metal working. All and all I am fairly new at it and looking to

Rob N Holt
Talkeetna, Alaska. USA

51 years old, lived in Alaska my whole life, from Kodiak, island, i
pursue jewelery making as an art form and creative outlet, i enjoy
working with all metals and stones as well as bone and other
metirials My father is a gemoligist and gold smith in Kodiak, i have
learned a lot from him as well as virgil England, a knife maker in
Anchorage, i prefer to make jewelery for women rather than men My
work is a little on the heavy/rough side it has had very little
market exposure outside of the small groups I travel in here in
Alaska so have not had much feed back