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[Welcome] New Members for May 8, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Glen R Gustafson
Sunland, CA. USA

Librarian and putterer, I work in fused glass, silver, copper, resin
and wood

Regis Galbach
Mount Juliet, Tn. USA

I’m just getting back to jewelry and gold/silver fabricating after 6
years of other work committments. In 2000-2003 I was very active on
Orchid and had been showing gold & silver jewelry in large gallery
in Florida along with doing shows. I have since moved to Tennessee
and have re-established my shop. Looking forward to daily Orchid
visits as I re-hone my skills. Still have a few pounds of silver and
gold sheet & wire from $400 gold days.

I’m pleased to recognize some familiar names that are still here.

Sincerely, Regis

Miguel A Monzon
Betteridge at Greenleaf & Crosby
Palm Beach, Florida. USA

Born in Paraguay, South America. Full service jeweler since 1985.
Started my career in New Jersey as self employed. Moved to Florida
to work for a great Company in Palm Beach,Betterridge at Greenleaf
and Crosby. My artistic ability changed when I meet Gustav Grunman,
the first debeers award winner from Russia. His ability to create and
to draw jewelery has certainly changed my ability to become a better
jeweler. Gustav was very kind in letting me watch him do great
designs. The other person who has made my ability to set stones in
Graig Smaler, the most amazing stone setter and a great mentor and
teacher. I enjoy my profession and Iam always looking to learn.

Suzanne Calder Whitehead
Seattle, USA

I’m a very enthusiastic and very amateur dabbler.

Guy Audette
Jewelry school
Quebec, Canada

Hi everyone, I already use this forum years ago. I am coming back
because it is so interesting. I am a jewelry teacher in Quebec city
Canada. I am french speaking so I hope you will forget about this
poor English writing. Guy Audette