[Welcome] New Members for May 28, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Betty Atkinson
Edmonton, Canada

i work full time in an office and have been beading and making
jewelry for about years mostly for myself and family. Have just
taken a couple of silversmithing courses and am now hooked. my

P Miller-Pittman
Little Silver, USA


Jane E. Winningham
Naples, Florida. USA

hello, im jane and work on my jewelry at home, im self taught and
need to know much more, iv always liked things that arnt normal that
nobody has, one of a kind, i like things that look old but arnt old
they are new. iv been bring up my 5 children and have 1 left to
bring up and iv always been home for them. people say im very
creative but i have to look at something to get ideas or im stuck. i
might start off to make something and it changes and ends up like
something else. i came from england and moved over to usa that saved
me really, i happened to cut up my old jewelry and stuck them on
christma s balls one christmas that started this all off, so it got
me to thinking i would try making jewelry so here i am still
learning and want to take off, this is me the fairygirl jane

Angela M Carter
Gwinn, MI. USA

Hi, My name is Angela. I work in mixed metals. I like to combine
tradition techniques in new ways.