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[Welcome] New Members for May 28, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Kurt Tarkany
Superflash Compressed Gas Equipment

I am the National Sales Manager with Superflash Compressed Gas
Equipment / IBEDA Inc. We are the world leader in compressed gas
safety including flashback arrestors. We have been doing business for
nearly 50 years worldwide and currently sell in more than 100
countries. I have previously held positions as product manager and
technical manager within the orginization and I am an active member
of the American Welding Society.

Lorraine Johnson-Graham
Randolph, Mass. USA

I have been dabbling in jewelry design for many years, but my
professional career as a school counselor didn’t allow me the time
and energy to pursue this career.This year I retired from my job due
to a serious illness with my husband, who is currently doing quite
well. I now have the time and ener gy. I am currently enrolled in a
jewelry metalsmithing class. Love beads, stones, turquoise and other
unique articles.

Rod Collins
Taroona, Tasmania. Australia

just starting out and am working with ivory (recycled)