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[Welcome] New Members for May 24, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

James McMurray
Portland, OR. USA

I am interested in how developing technologies can best be
integrated into the jewelry manufacturing stream.

James McGuire
Vancouver, bc. Canada

i make haida native indian jewelery

Timothy A Baker
Clarion, PA. USA

My name is Tim, I turned thirty a month ago today. A few months ago I
started fooling around with metal and stones and the progression of
the disease was rapid. I now have dozens of tiny little tools and a
terminal addiction to all things shiny. A jeweler downtown, {all four
blocks of it} tells me I am in desperate need of education.
unfortunately he himself is a gem specialist and does not do
benchwork. So I hit the web, looked high and low and to my
astonishment, found this site and have been lurking and reading
everything I can get my eyeballs on ever since. So here I am looking
for direction, as I have come to a point where I have done most all I
can on my own and now am just kind of floating in one spot, wondering
exactly how I am going to get a stone into that thing, or if that tin
garbage can from 1975 will take a polish. I have recognized that a
step needs to be taken, but ho w big of a step? And in which

Nina Ellis
North fitzroy, Victoria. Australia

I am a melbourne based jeweller. I am currently investigating health
and safety issues and thought this might be a good pace to start!