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[Welcome] New Members for May 17, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Sharon Miklos Thompson
Sanford, Florida. USA

Hello- I am a life long rockhound, who has progressed through
beading to lost wax and PMC, wishing I had the time to learn half as
much as many of the Orchidians.

Marilyn Fraser
Recapture Jewellry Design
Mission, British Columbia, Canada

My name is Marilyn, and I am new at silversmithing. I have started
my business as of April of this year and combine recycled materials,
mostly vintage silver plated cutlery with silver, semi-precious
stones and other types of metal to make unique jewellry. I am still
very much a newbie but am enjoying and having a lot of fun.

Sheila Harzman
Worthington, USA

I am currently a metalsmithing and gemology student. I have no
industry experience except as a consumer. I am a hobbyist but may
choose to evolve my hobby into a business in the future.

Laurie Carter
Everett, USA

I have always enjoyed hand crafting all kinds of jewelry and beaded
projects so it seemed like the natural thing to do to take it to
another level and begin making things for everyone. However the leap
from hobbyist to professional is a big one and I am still very new
and therefor have a lot to learn. Of course it is a journey that I
enjoy very much, and even better is I am not alone. I have my son
and my significant other in this with me. Together everyday is an
adventure we travel pride and joy.

Lia Mari Menard
A. Muse’s Creations
Sanford, Florida. USA

I’m working mainly with recovered metals these days… copper and
brass mostly.

I solder and wrap with gold, silver, copper, brass
I also cold forge copper and brass, and hot forge steal/iron
I work with glass, both blowing and stained glass work.
I work with textiles, making rugs from old teeshirts and jean braided
I am also a painter, and carpenter… I see the world as my canvas,
and everything in it as potential works of art, which leads to my

I am growing and learning every day.

Lisa Dawn Madigan
Santa Clarita, CA. USA

I am new to jewelry-making. I have made a few pieces that I’ve given
as gifts. I’m excited to see how it’s done and so happy my hubbie
found this site for me. I like to collect sea glass and also stones
(especially moon stones) and want to make my jewelry with them.

Otto Eberle
Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada

Master Jeweler self employed since 1957.

kerryn Leigh Malloch
Kerryn-leigh designs
Perth, WA. Australia

When I create my jewels I use my Feminine instincts, I aim to appeal
to a womans senses on every level. Using only precious and
semi-precious gems with sterling silver not only does it look
spectacular, you’ll feel it… All of my pieces are one of a
kind my main range is called Linj’dta Jewells of the earth Linj’dta
is an aboriginal name meaning “now is the moment of being where the
energy is” The ethos behind this name is to honour my connection
with Australia

Judith Bright
Judith Bright, LLC
Nashville, TN. USA

I’m an indie jewelry designer and my work is mainly wire-wrapping
semi-precious gemstones with 14K Gold-fill and Argentium. Our
flagship store is located in Nashville, TN with other stores in
Atlanta and coming soon to Los Angeles. We make all of the jewelry
in the store which is staffed by local artisans.