[Welcome] New Members for May 17, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Louis Duquette
Quebec, Canada

I am new to this metal world… I am mystified by the transformation
of this element with simple hand tools. I have a good background with
hand crafts. I already work with wood, bamboo, soapstone, semi
precious stones, seeds, shells and pearls. If I can share any of my
knowledge I am happy to help…

Caroline Charest
St.Dominique, Quebec, Canada

I attended a Jewelry School for 2 years.I was involed in different
engagements-mother of four, work to pay the bills etc. Recently on
Mother,s Day, I received a beautiful scallop shell with a pearl
inside and a message saying,Listen to the sea and think of happy
memories,I took this message to myself and said Listen to me and
think of what makes me Happy!!! That’s it I’ve come back to my love
of Jewelry making!! The youngest now is fourteen, and I feel now I
can move on!I am proud to be back to the form!