[Welcome] New Members for May 17-19, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Kathy Ann Dawdy
Minnetonka, Minnesota. USA

I have worked in fibre arts and am learning metal work and jewelry

Mary Lyons
Revere, MA. USA

I am continuously taking jewelry classes and workshops. Learning new
and different techniques, styles and how to use various materials
gives me a lot of design options and insures that I’m never bored
when I get into the studio.

Jennifer Tough
Whitby, Canada

rejoining orchid after a few years hiatus. I’m a former bead store
owner is is finally able to find the time to make jewelry again.

Linda Nagengast
Fort benton, Montana. USA

hi, great to be here !! Im from Montana and looking for a group of
people who like metal arts etc. as much as i do. Im a woodcarver who
is a want to be silversmith and metal artist. I love rockhounding,
lapidary, jewelry etc etc. Looking forward to the support of so many
knowledgable people and maybe i can be of a little help now and
then… carvinmom

Michelle Fairbrother
Orillia, Canada,

Business owner, life lover, jewellery designer and expert :slight_smile:

Tara Brannigan
Edmonds, WA. USA

I’m honestly not all that sure what to say! I have a day job, but
make jewelry and other personal adornment objects in my limited free
time. Various online locations you can find me: