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[Welcome] New Members for May 16, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Christine Mirabelli
La Jolla, CA. USA

I am an amateur jeweler. I am interested in jewelry fabrication and
casting as well as beading, Pmc, and other techniques.

Patti Owen
Oro Valley, AZ. USA

new at jewelry making. I inherited a beautiful jewelry bench and
tools. I’m excited to learn how to create with silver and
interesting earth stones.

David M Kuchta
Northborough, MA. USA

I have been taking classes on and off for about 5 years. For the
last 3 months I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to
work at bench in a professional goldsmiths. I am in the process of
trying to put together a portfolio that reflects the kind of work I
like to do. In short I am the newest of the new…

Anna K. L. Walsh
Sandy, Bedfordshire, UK

Hi, I’m Anna & I’m trying to live a better life - was a lawyer but
felt frustrated not having time left in my life for something
artistic. Before studying law I went to art school (painting) so I
suppose I should’ve anticipated that I would require a dose of art
from time to time at least - but law was eating my life away so I
cut loose to find a life worth living! I have only just started
venturing into jewellery making - so the tips and tricks on this
website are incredibly helpful. Trying to achieve something without
much experience is always daunting so I like to read up what I can
(the lawyer in me I suppose) so, at least in theory, I know what I’m
doing. I’m looking forward to reading posts in the forum and one day,
perhaps, I might even be able to contribute to someone else’s
knowledge - there’s ambition for you.

Welcome Anna Walsh,

Your experience parallels that of a good friend who was a
Psychologist, and Counselor. One day, while listening to a patient
bemoaning all his miseries and problems, she found herself thinking
rather unsympathetically–“Oh get a life and quite whining.” It was
then that she decided that she no longer was suited to counseling
others, but that it probably was she who needed to get a new life.
She gave up a lucrative practice, took some courses in jewelry
making, bought up every book she could find, and now is having a
great time creating beautiful things. She doesn’t regret in the
least having left the old life behind her. She loves what she is
doing, and her own life has taken on new meaning. Some of us are just
born to create.

Alma Rands