[Welcome] New Members for May 14, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Dorothy Briggs
Portola Valley, CA. USA

I am a new subscriber to Orchid Digest and look forward to sharing
I am particularily interested in learning if anyone has
instructions for building a small personal sized spray etcher. I
took a class at the Mendocino Art center several years ago in which
we used one and I would like to try to make one. If anyone has
regarding this I would greatly appreciate hearing from

thanks, Dottie

Louise Fischer Cozzi
Brooklyn, NY. USA


I am a polymer jewelry artist and have been doing retail and
wholesale for about 10 years. I live in Brooklyn NY.

Cristina M Blair
Blair, SC. USA

I’ve been involved with the jewelry industry for years but have just
recently taken an interest in creating silver jewelry, especially
using Argentium.

Anna Chow
Brookside, Canada

I love to design different things, like fashion and jewelry. I am
taking a night course at the local Art College to learn different
technig on gold smith and enjoying very much and I also make jewelry
to sell in a small scale. Making jewelry is my retirement hobby. I
also design wedding dresses for my friends and their friends.

Leena Pentti
Sastamala, Finland

I’m a jewellery artisan and a goldsmith-to-be from Finland.

Tracey Jane Lotter
Made of Mettle
Cape Town, South Africa

I am a goldsmith and jewellery designer, I have been working in the
South African jewellery industry for the last 3 years and have now
decided to work on my own. I am concentrating on contemporary
jewellery that has either a philosophical meaning or is making a
statement, (this is for my benefit) while still maintaining the
aesthetics of the piece (for the cutomers benefit).

Saeed Motiwala
Karachi, Pakistan

I am a Graduate Gemologist from GIA Carlsbad, and have also done
Jewelery Design from the same institution. I have also taken some
jewelery manufacturing courses from Revere Academy in San Francisco.

I am a partner at Shaikha Jewellers in Karachi, Pakistan. It is a
family business that is about 60 years old. We specialize in custom
designed and completely hand made jewelery. We also have our own