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[Welcome] New Members for May 13, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Arman Suciyan
Instanbul, Turkey

Hi Everyone I am jewellery designer/maker and waxcarver/sculptor from
Istanbul. I started as an apprentice in my hometown jewellery
manufacturing district covered bazaar and then went to England to
study jewellery design in Universcity college (formerly Kent
institute of art and design).meadately after my graduation I was
employed by Stephen Webster.I worked with him for 11 years in many
interesting and exciting projects,specializing in figurative wax
carving and fine jewellery making. Right now I am working as designer
in a new company in stanbul and carry on designing sculpting and
carving for myself at the side. You could see some of my wax carving
work at.

My style is always very sculptural since I love complex forms and
textures.I get my inspirations mainly from nature and also from man
made industrial,architectural,digital creative fields.

Thank you for reading my intro.