[Welcome] New Members for May 11, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Marija Vranesevic
Zagreb, Croatia

I studied and finished verified course of modern jewelry making in
Zagreb, Croatia.

Mahesh D Raut

We are the team member who can change the jewellery manufacturing

Aleksandra Kalinic
Vancouver, BC. Canada

Art has always been inseparable part of my life as a window to the
dipper side of the world. My inspiration is life, with all its
aspects and work influenced by ancient jewelry and art history,
especially painters from the first half of the 20th century. My
jewelry pieces are miniature paintings and drawings in enamel,
cityscapes, landscapes, abstracts, which are set into hand
constructed, oxidized, sterling silver frames. Vitreous enamel on
metal enables me to transform my love for painting into wearable

Alicia Romero
Salthill, Galway. Ireland

Hi there, My name is Alicia, I live in West Ireland and I’m a
complete beginner silversmith. I’m amazed with the professionals
generosity. Thank you.

Debby Brown
Bungendore, NSW. Australia

A rank amateur in jewellery making. Loving it though! Am doing
classes with a jeweller in Australia, and am looking to hopefully
make jewellery a retirement hobby eventually. Just beginning my
journey, so please excuse any dumb questions! If I knew the answer -
I wouldn’t be asking the combined knowledge base on here. :slight_smile: Thanks
in advance for your generosity in answering.

Leonora Rodriguez
San Jose, Costa Rica

I am in the process of becoming a jeweler, I started in 2013 and
have dreams to become great at it. The path has been more enjoyable
than I ever imagined, it feels like that’s what I was meant to do in
life. I admire masters this art and their expertise. I have been
learning lots of techniques and I find each as a new door to
creativity. I doubt there is one I do not like, but some I want to
expand on are filigree and enameling in harmony with all colored
I believe my style–once it is fully developed-- will
have a strong classical line and my background in natural sciences
seems to want to have a lead role.