[Welcome] New Members for May 11, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Laura Hansen
cabbing rough
Kirkland, IL. USA


Hi! I’m Laura, I am a jewelry designer and lapidary artist.

Rebecca J Melton
Melton Metals
Portland, OR. USA

Hi there. I’m an artist, intstructor, and Mom living in Portland OR.
I graduated from Oregon College of Art and Craft in '05 and Maryland
Instuitute College of Art in '95. I’ve a pretty well rounded
education in the arts and really enjoy my work.

Currently I teach for a local art community center and find the work
to be really rewarding and challenging. I’ve learned so much from
the experience and it’s certainly informed the way I work and relate
to the people around me.

I work in steel and silver for the most part and have finally
returned to my own studio after taking some time out to raise my
son. I’ve just started working on my jewelry line again and have
work in Portland and Denver. It’s very exciting and very scary but
I’m looking forward to growing!

I’m excited to be on this network and can’t wait to exchange new

Heather M Wang
Heather Wang Jewelry
Lowell, MA. USA


I’m a jeweler and enamelist, creating and teaching in Lowell,

Keith Hible
Saint Louis, Missouri. USA

I have been a jeweler for over 22 years and was former co-owner and
Master Jeweler for 14 years of an independent custom jewelery store
in St. Louis, Missouri.

In addition I did a stint of 8 years as a Full-Time Senior Client
Support Specialist at Washington University in St. Louis.

Further proof that I simply “might” be indeed “Mad”…