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[Welcome] New Members for March 6, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Martin Charles
San Gabriel, USA

23 years at the bench and in retail. GIA graduate gemology program
Lost all inspiration but it’s what I do for a living so I better
learn as much as I can and develope the skills to master the art. You
climb the ladder all your life and when you get to the top you
realize your ladder was against the wrong building. I’ve been sitting
stairing at a half inch of real estate for almost 25 years and what
I really want to do is see the open sky and mountains and seas.Look
into the faces of beautiful innocent people, not have to explain
myself to unappreciative employers or who really could’nt do half of
what I do but make all the money. Or wait for paying customers to
justify what I do and give me permission to work because as they say
nothing happens without a sale. I used to love this when it was new
and learning new techniques and challenging myself with each new job
thought I would be rich and famous and travel the world to buy
exotic gems and live the life but instead I have inriched others
working the back rooms of countless trade and retail shops probably
to retire with the shakes from being exposed to so many toxic fumes
and dust dye broke with no benifits or little savings. I’ll give you
a word of advise, Get your own sales counter, learn all you can as
fast as you can, go big or get out. STEAL THE ART… USE IT FOR YOUR
YOU ALONE WHEN YOU ARE NO LONGER USEFUL. Don’t listen to what they
say_ see what they do. That’s what you sould be doing_not what they
want you to do for them. Well I guess it’t not over yet,not untill
the fat lady sings. I might find my inspiration again one day and go
on to make jewelry so beautiful people have to wonder how it was
done,who did it,why we never heard of this artist. Funny he never
made a cent when he was alive. Heard he worked as a used car saleman
in his later years. Who knew this guy made jewelry like that at home?

Carole Landt
Readan, USA

Retired art teacher trying to spend more time creating jewelry and
painting while I still can. Love to experiment with many mediums and
play outside the box. Trying to figure out the ‘marketing game’ and
it is a bit overwhelming. It was so simple back in the '70s to pack
up some pottery pieces and set up a simple shelf at a fair. Things
have certainly changed. Moving along while praying for peace.

Joni Olmstead
Seattle, WA. USA

I am just getting started in metalsmithing and want to learn!

Amelia Jill Reese
Laurel, MD. USA

I don’t make jewelry. I just wear it.