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[Welcome] New Members for March 5, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Evelyn McHenry
Laguna Woods, CA. USA

93years old --been tinkering with fabrication, casting, enameling,
and engraving - for a few years - keeps me young.

Kerin F Gale
Coquille, OR. USA

My husband and I are artists and live at the beautiful Oregon coast.
Together we work on many types of art… mechanical toys (automata),
found objects assemblage and art jewelry.

We work with metal, glass, resins, clays, acrylic media and just
about everything else. We teach local workshops and at art retreats
here and there. We sell our work in galleries, shops and in our
online shop at

We’d love you to stop by our blog and say hello!

Alison Nappi
Milton, USA

Hello, My name is Alison, I’m from Vermont. I’m new to making jewelry
and I’m eager to learn.

Eliana Renee Arenas
Las Cruces, NM. USA

Hello everyonw,

I am a metaslmith living in Las Cruces, I am originally fRom Mexico.
I love making jewelry and be involve in the art world

Diane M Bryant
Bryant Designs and Fine Jewelry
Tempe, AZ. USA


Kathleen A Todd
Rye, CO. USA

I am a silversmith/jewelry designer, involved in retail and
wholesale jewelry design and manufacture.

Amanda Macgregor
Loanhead, midlothian. Scotland


I am a lampwork bead maker firstly but am venturing into silver
jewelery to complement my beads. I have learned everything I know
from books and online so there are huge gaps in my knowledge!

I live in Scotland with my husband and 3 dogs.

Theres not an awful lot more to add at this point!!

Lorraine Elaine Inglis
Sydney, NSW. Australia

I am only a student of senior years, who took it up on retirement as
one of the fun things to enjoy. I am finding all kinds of skills
challenging. Last term I tried to copy the flat kind of Asante
beads. The wax is fun and I can see could lead in all directions,
but I had lots of problems with what I had cast. Many of the "beads’
came back, broken in the centre of the "tube’. I varied techniques,
but could not pin down what I was doing wrong, and my tutor at the
community college hadn’t tried it, and couldn’t help. The new term
has started, so I will try again. and might try a different place
for the casting. Would bronze be better than brass? Does anyone have
some info on the process?

Mark Daoust
London, UK

Based in UK

Zelena A Zabka
New York, NY. USA

Always learning, love fabrication, solving problems and seeing new
or multiple paths to one outcome.