[Welcome] New Members for March 4, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Deanna Fernandez
Windham, ME. USA

I am an independant goldsmith, working out of my home. I have been
out of the jewelry loop for a couple of years and just starting to
get back into it.

Valerie Ann Williams
SlickSilver Jewellery
Plymouth, Devon. UK


I’m Val and I live by the sea in Devon, UK. I’m a late-comer to
jewellery making, having taken a course for a year to learn basic
silversmithing techniques. My first finished items were my son’s
wedding rings!!

I find that I’m inspired by the textures found in nature and more
often than not the surface I can achieve on a piece of metal will
dictate its final shape and function. My pieces evolve, sometimes
intentionally and others not! I use a lot of seaglass in my work, as
well as found items, and many a sunday afternoon is spent
beach-combing, looking for that elusive scrap of dark blue glass!

Emily Adrian Mossman
North Country Fair Jewelers
North Conway, NH. USA

I have been working in my family jewelry store for 9 years. I
absolutely love what my job!

Jean E Hanson
Guerneville, CA. USA

Retired. Love metalcraft. Travel a lot, mostly to Europe but also
camping in California.

Rodd Peter Haddock
Rodd haddock designs
Johannesburg, Gauteng. South Afric


Hi to all I am Rodd Haddock farther of two! I specialize in the
designing and manufacture of one off fine handcrafted jewelery in
all types of metals and using a variety of materials and designs. I
service a private client base so I design in a wide range of styles
to cater to their needs and design ranges for other businesses.I
have been in the industry for 15years and have been running Rh
designs for 10 years. I love making jewelery that has rich texture
and colour, experimenting with materials and learning different
tecnique’s and studying and learning about gem stones, engaving,
etc. I do a lot of work in Tanzanite and use a lot of cognac
diamonds in my designs. I am passionate about creative design
hand-worked jewelery. I studied at the wits Tecknicon (Johannesburg)
and studied under David Trantor and then worked for award winning
creative jewelers such as Dieter Sietz.