[Welcome] New Members for March 31, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Star Harrington
Peoria, AZ. USA

Have a little business I started about 2 yrs ago called Gold Duster
Outfitters. Within the first year determined what sold the most was
the items I was making. Thus my baby was born. Copper Dancer! I do
leather tooling, metal stamping and soldering. Of recent I have
discovered Chasing and Repous se. I love it! Now know I am in my
early 60’s and my love for what I am doing I wish I was in my 20’s!
There is so much I want to learn and create - I just don’t know if I
have time enough!! So that said, I am a very thirsty, thirsty
learner. I want to create pieces for hatbands, cuffs, boot access
ories - any help, insight, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I’m happy I found this site and look forward to all the posts.

Rudolf Molnar
Senkvice, Slovak Republic

Enameler and goldsmith from Slovakia.