[Welcome] New Members for March 30, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Wendy Hahn
Aspen organic designs
Basalt, Co. USA

I am a silversmith living in the mountains of colorado. I am
primarily interested in fabrication, but I am beginning to
incorporate bead work. There are many techniques that i am
interested in learning.

Eva Laufer
Berlin, Germany

Hello, I’m a artist from Berlin, Germany. I create jewelry, paintings
and sculptures. And I’m looking for interesting contacts that could
provide me with opportunities for learning English and possibilities
for artistic exchange. Yours, Eva

Corwin Taylor Ravenstar
Fire Born Jewelry
Saratoga Springs, NY. USA


Hi my name is Corwin RavenStar. After 10 years of working with
lampworked glass I chose to shift my interests to a medium with more
longevity. I initially learned jewelry making in a semester long
introduction class at Skidmore College taught by David Peterson.
Soon after learning finishing techniques with Ann Calhoon at
Metalwurx in Boston. Otherwise my skills have grown from self
taught, trial and error experimentation. Using my skills with glass
sculpture and the techniques of old world sand casting I have
started down a path of limitless creation.

Craig Bacharach
Jerome, AZ. USA

jeweler/gemstone carver

Janell Armstrong
Prescott, USA


I am an aspiring metalsmith jewelry artist. I work in sterling and
fine silver, mostly fabricating but do some casting. I describe my
jewelry as being ‘rustic-feminine’. I love things that have a
weathered and well-loved/used appearance to them. My goal is to make
jewelry that a person can wear on a daily basis but I also enjoy
making the occasional statement piece. I have some formal training in
metalsmithing but have a lot to learn, which is why I chose to join
Orchid. I want to learn more about stone setting (flush, channel,
pave and prong), working with gold, and more about casting/mold
making processes. I’m excited to see how this all works!

Sandra W Jones
Denison, TX. USA

I have been experimenting in metal clay work and mixed media but
enjoy painting and other artistic endeavors. I love to learn new
ways to explore creativity.

Kate m Munnelly
Cardiff, UK

I carve and create wax models for casting down in my garden shed.
I’m a newbie to the world of jewellery and have alot to learn but
I’m slowly getting to grips with it.

Laura m Southworth
Puyallup, WA. USA

im freakin startign to make epoxy resin jewelry at the moment…

Val Rundquist
Portland, OR. USA

I am a hobby-level metal worker. Love to dabble; never enough time
to play as much as I’d like. I’ve know about Orchid and Ganoksin for
many years and finally became interested enough to join. I won’t be
blogging, but hope to learn and gain ideas from reading other’s
comments. Thanks, Val

Anna Burgess
Diamante Jewels
Glen Head, NY. USA

Hi Everyone,

I’m Anna and I live in New York. I enjoy designing and creating
distinctive jewelry. Nothing ornaments up an outfit like a unique
piece of jewelry.

I began creating jewelry as gifts for close friends back in 2003. I
soon discovered that people were admiring the pieces that I created.

My husband travels the world and brings me back beautiful
semi-precious stones, sterling silver, fresh water pearls and
findings, which most of them come from Thailand and China.

Luisa J Kaufman
Cariari, Heredia, Costa Rica

I have been making and creating jewelry for over 14 years, working
mainly in silver with touches of gold.I make one of a kind pieces I
have studied in New York City, and now live in Costa Rica for the
last 5 years.

I find it difficult living in Costa Rica where obtaining supplies is
more than impossible and to find a group is probably non existent…

Nadina Giurgiu
Dordrecht, Netherlands

Self taught and avid for Daily job: SEO & marketing

Alla Belenkov
New York, NY. USA

I make handmade 22K gold jewelry, using mostly metal fabrication

Jessica Jones
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I am a goldsmith apprentice in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Dale Palmer Smith
College station, TX. USA

I have been a bench jeweler since spring of 2008. I went to New
Approach School for Jewelers to get the basics of bench work. Most
of my training has been on the job, basically an apprenticeship. In
the spring of 2009 I started to learn Art CAM Jewel smith. I also
help with designs for our in store line, help on the sales floor when
needed and am taking on line GIA courses. I am excited about being
apart of this social network.

Michael P Fletcher
Memphis, USA

I work mostly in chainmaille jewelry. Looking to learn more styles
and skills.

Paris von Rabenau
Paris von Rabenau Jeweler
Reynolds, Georgia. USA


I found my destiney in highschool making jewelry for friends from
junk trickets and momento’s. I have been doing that same thing now
for five decades. I amire fresh ideas… Now my wife and I have a
family store in a small town and produce special order jewelry for
our clients who are all over the United States. I have a factory
background for my first 19 years in this business. New technology
like the cad/cam and artists who bend the horizon with new
inovations and creative expressions are my inspiration. I may be
able to do what they do… but I can never have their idea’s mine.
What a gr eat business to be in… I love it

Rebecca Kun
Portland, USA

I am new to the jewlery design sphere. I am focusing on the Judaica
market for the working woman. I am designing pieces that are fun to
wear, not too fancy that they have to live in the jewlery box, taken
out only for special occasion and not too simple that they look like
chain store purchases.