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[Welcome] New Members for March 26, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

James D Moore
Jackson, TN. USA

New to Jewelry making

Rebecca J Sickler
Louisville, CO. USA

I have just started learning about metalsmithing for about 4 months
now. I quit my job in service management to find the career that
makes me happy. I work at a jewelry tool supply shop as well as a
seamstress at a bridal shop. I am currently taking classes at Denver
School of Metal Arts.

Dyan C Moxley
Pinehurst, North Carolina. USA

I have came here to share with my fellow jewelry what I have in my
inventory, as well I am interested in seeing what my fellow jewelers
have in their inventory. Much is to be shared.

Kallia Chatzigianni
Chalkis, Greece

I studied history and archeology and dealt professionally in these
fields as well as in the field of archives and consequently the
concepts of memory, time, damage run, more or less obviously,
through my work.

The perforated leaves of my necklaces, the deconstructed and then
trimmed with embroidery fabric express my feeling about the past,
the threads of the weft of history that reach us.

A key element of my jewelry is also the color. At the same time the
movement of the bur on the metal and the walk of thread on the
fabric, is my way of creating personal alphabets, secret scripts and
words, traces and imprints.

Many of my jewelry pieces are mere reminders of moments, thoughts,
and emotions. Dolls, clowns, little fairies, this is my little
world. When the night falls, the small figures move and stir, come
to life, and each one tells its own story.

Jennifer Alyra Price
Kitchener, Ontario. Canada

Artist Jeweler and Blacksmith Owner of Sphinxfalcon Designs Custom
Jewelry Studio