[Welcome] New Members for March 25, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Ralph Nunziata
Rafaele Designs
Washingtonville, NY. USA

semi retired goldsmith, diamond setter,engraver,designer and model
maker serving the jewelry industry for 38 years. hold a degree in
mechanical engineering, metalurgy. a machinest and tool & die maker
in regards to the jewelry industry.

Linda Octavia Miller
Octavia Jewelry
Petaluma, CA. USA


The first word I learned to spell was artist because that was what I
wanted to be when I grew up. I have been blessed with jewelry tools
and dies from the 1800’s and I have restored the presses that were
brought to California during the gold rush. I stand on the shoulders
of giants when I create the jewelry from these tools, and enjoy the
opportunity to create masterpieces from this source. I work in
platinum, gold and silver and make rings, earrings and bracelets, as
well as custom orders. Please visit my website for more