[Welcome] New Members for March 23, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Tammy Yancey
El Rey Art Work
Denver, CO. USA

I am co-owner of El Rey Art Work with my husband Rob who is a
Santero, a maker of Saints. I am new to the wonderful world of metal
and have just completed an intro to silversmithing class here in
Denver. I am loving it and am immersing myself into this new chapter
of my artistic life, as I was basically just beading before knowing
deep in my heart that I have always wanted to work with metal.

Elizabeth Ruppert
Mischief craftworks
Jersey city, NJ. USA

I am a artist of many crafts. I am on disability for depression,
anxiety and ADD. Seems like an odd mix.

I taught myself stained glass about 4 years ago. I had two classes
in ceramics when I was in college (I graduated with a BA in geology
in 2001).

I’m working on getting back into ceramics, setting up a little work
area and getting supplies.

When I was teaching myself stained glass I also taught myself some
rudimentary machine quilting. I am still interested, but that’s on
the back burner for now. Also want to relearn machine sewing. Did a
little and then I stopped after my machine jammed up. Plan on taking
a class in the n ear future to regain my confidence.

These days my latest passion is silver smithing and jewelry making
with silver wire & gemstone beads.

Robert P Mims
Robert mims jeweler
Natchez, MS. USA

I am an 89 year old jeweler who has retired twice, and am back again
to help my daughter continue the business. I show up 4 days a week
(afternoons) and work for food.I LOVE my bench! I have repaired and
manufactured jewelry for my customers for 55 years. Now I am having
fun doing what I always want ed; design and manufacture. I have good
deal of experience in lost wax casting,but I am more interested in
forging and fabrication. and am enthralled with the technique of
Spillman and the unique methods of Moreno. Wish I had shifted over
years ago, but also had a store to run. I would like to have copies
of some of their videos, if available. (I use videos to show what
jewelers do in their shop).

I learned the jewelry arts at night classes (hand engraving, jewelry
repairs and manufacture, stone setting, and all 3 watchmaking chairs
while getting my BS at Bradley University in 1947-49… Jack of
all trades, master of none… If you know any of the old grads are
about, I’d sure like to hear from them. Thanks for just being here.