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[Welcome] New Members for March 22, 2014


Please welcome our newest members…

Sam A Merrill
Enterprise, AL. USA,

My name is Samantha A Merrill, and I am a student at Fortis College
of Dothan to become a Pharmacy Technician.

While it is no professional site, I have an Instagram:

That’s my cover story, if you will. I am going to school to work and
fund my addiction to creating. I want to be a pharmacy tech by day,
and a jewelry artist at heart.

I live in Level Plains, AL, and drive 45 minutes or so to school
each way. I drive 60 miles a day on my car so I can learn how to pay
for what I love to do.

If that doesn’t say that I love it, only the fact that I have student
loans can fill in the missing spaces. The poor economy in the south
has taken a toll on many things. the furloughs and sequestration of
the employees of nearby economic hub of Ft. Rucker, AL, have even the
high-flying (literally, they’re helicopter pilots) pinching pennies.

So, yes, I would love to train to do things I love; however, it is
not economically feasible at this time. I would be astonished beyond
my wildest hopes, fantasies and dreams to be offered an
apprenticeship somewhere near home. I am less than optimistic that
such an occurrence is realistically possible.

Candace Louise Strong
Honolulu, Hawaii. USA

I am a beginner with much to learn.

Maya Henderson
Acworth, GA. USA

A beginner, here to learn. :slight_smile:

Michael J Nesbitt
Atlanta, GA

specializes in ideal cut diamonds, carat and above, in all shapes
and sizes. Our family has been in the diamond cutting and importing
business for three generations. We are proud of our excellent
reputation. When you call us you will understand why.