[Welcome] New Members for March 2, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Kremena Doust
Stamford, USA

I am new to jewelry, although have always experimented in a variety
of media.

Diana E Contine
New Hope, PA. USA

I work in PMC (standard) since the 90’s.

My work traveled to Japan with a PMC competition several years ago.

I’m luck enough o have been featured in magazines and journals and
have won a few awards.

I like to use nature as my basis and whimsical feminine motifs.

I love what I do and am happy to be able to make a living at it as

William Russell
Mt Sheridan, Queensland. Australia

Have been making jewellery since 1976.

In and out of the trade for income but always have a bench and
always making something… it’s in my blood.

Now work with a laser as well as standard jewellery tools.

Primarily worked in gold and silver, occasionally in platinum.

Have done some copper work in larger pieces.

Looking into stainless steel and titanium.

Made my own solder formulas which are used exclusively now.

Making spectacle frames in gold and silver currently.

Always looking for new experiences and ways of making beauty in

Wrote two books on opal work and general jewellery making. never got
published. sigh. long story.

Run businesses, retail and wholesale…
Jewellery is just too addictive to leave.

Can see myself as an 80 year old still working on something at a